Create More Spaces with Sliding Doors

Create More Spaces with Sliding Doors:sliding-door-bathroom

Create More Spaces with Sliding Doors:sliding-door-bathroomCreate More Spaces with Sliding Doors:sliding-door-bedroomCreate More Spaces with Sliding Doors:sliding-door-bookshelfCreate More Spaces with Sliding Doors:sliding-door-curtainCreate More Spaces with Sliding Doors:sliding-door-dinning-roomCreate More Spaces with Sliding Doors:sliding-door-hanging-tv

For people who live in a big city, living in an apartment is not only a luxurious thing to have, but it intends to the needs to have a living place in a strategic place. The benefit is the owner can reach various places fast and simply from the apartment, but the weakness is the owner cannot free their creative to decorate their living room, kitchen and other parts of the house because the area is very limited. However, the existence of sliding doors can help you guys to erase the weakness.

The idea of using sliding door to create the mood and the feeling of the home is a new thing to do because usually people will think about playing the color of the wall or using the mirror to create an eye illusion. When it comes to the apartment, we are talking about how to make everything less spacious than it is such as living room. The living room can be combined with the dining room in a tunnel. Wall mounted television can be chosen to save more areas, so does the sliding doors. If want to display our ornaments, but there is no place available for placing the cabinet, we can use hanging decoration or wall mounted cabinet to put the details. The built in book shelf which attaches in the wall and wall built in rack which is placed behind the wardrobe can make the house look compact.

The existence of sliding doors can do some functional purposes all at once for instance as the connection for the room and the mood maker. Another thing that can change the mood is the lighting. If we use LED lighting, In the night when the main lighting is off, the LED lighting can create romantic and dramatic look to the room. The

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Put The Beauty of The Scenery into Your House as Interior Design

Put The Beauty of The Scenery into Your House as Interior Design:wooden-house-design

Put The Beauty of The Scenery into Your House as Interior Design:wooden-house-designPut The Beauty of The Scenery into Your House as Interior Design:wooden-house-design-big-glass-windowsPut The Beauty of The Scenery into Your House as Interior Design:wooden-house-design-dinning-roomPut The Beauty of The Scenery into Your House as Interior Design:wooden-house-design-exteriorPut The Beauty of The Scenery into Your House as Interior Design:wooden-house-design-gardenPut The Beauty of The Scenery into Your House as Interior Design:wooden-house-design-glass-sliding-door

Actually, there is no reason for being confused to choose the interior design for your house, living room, kitchen and other parts. It is because we are creative or we pay attention for a while on everything, we can be inspired by them such as being inspired by the beauty of the mountain or the high land, just like these ones.

Natural sources are the best ideas when we are planning to build a house. The first thing that must do is choosing the best place to build the house such as in the mountain or the hill. If there is no budget for this one, try to make the house face the direction which has beautiful scenery because it will be a power for each room. The basic design of this style is contemporary natural design. This is why every room is build as simple as possible without curve in each room. The main style is sleek and straight. It focuses on the openness of each room which is supported with the use of glass and high ceiling.

For the glass, we can choose to replace the wall with the glass or only use it to create a large window that will access the outdoor scenery. The window is not like a wide large glass which is framed by four lines of high wooden frames. Try to create unique form of frame such as asymmetrical frames that parts the glass into some narrow spaces. For the room that we think it is too narrow, we can add glasses or mirror to make an eye illusion.

The natural thing of the house can be gotten by using the wooden material for the flooring, ceiling, backsplash, countertop and the furniture. For this one, we should play the colors to create the accent of the interior design. For instance, if we have chosen light brown for the ceiling and the flooring, we can choose dark brown for the door.

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Square Contemporary Home Design Makes Your House Awesome

Square Contemporary Home Design Makes Your House Awesome:square-home-design

Square Contemporary Home Design Makes Your House Awesome:square-home-designSquare Contemporary Home Design Makes Your House Awesome:square-home-design-dinning-tableSquare Contemporary Home Design Makes Your House Awesome:square-home-design-gardenSquare Contemporary Home Design Makes Your House Awesome:square-home-design-glass-houseSquare Contemporary Home Design Makes Your House Awesome:square-home-design-glass-windowsSquare Contemporary Home Design Makes Your House Awesome:square-home-design-lighting

House can be a reflection from the owner’s style. If the owner loves dark element, the living room of the house will be decorated with gothic style, so how about the person who likes cleanliness and simple thing? This square contemporary home design will be suitable for being chosen.

We know exactly that arranging the house is very difficult and tiring in fact, we have some many things to take care of. Thus, applying this simple square contemporary home design will perfect. Let’s start from the outlook of the house first. To create this square contemporary style, we need a large land to create some home amenities such as garden and swimming pool. Without them, the house will look like a television box. The high trees in the yard or garden can create more dramatic look to the house because of the horizontal lines that are created by trees, while the swimming pool can create the effect of home patio that can support the open living room. Besides those things, we can add other facilities actually such as warehouse, small golf course or outdoor fireplace. Now, let’s go inside the house.

This contemporary square home design will be great when it is made into two levels. The first floor contains with the open concept of living room which is straight to the swimming pool and it faces north or south, the supporting room such as library or studio, the entrance area and family room where we can enjoy the tress from it. Every room is dominated with white element and sleek style like tunnel. Since the concept is openness, the wall of the house is replaced with glass. It will create a camouflage to tackle the narrow place of the rooms. Each room in the house is connected with narrow tunnel with high ceiling to make it more airy and each room is has a large window that can access the outdoor look. Meanwhile the upper level can be fulfilled with bed room, additional bathroom and kitchen.

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How to Make Your Bathroom “Wow”

How to Make Your Bathroom “Wow”:bathroom-design

How to Make Your Bathroom “Wow”:bathroom-designHow to Make Your Bathroom “Wow”:bathroom-design-acessoriesHow to Make Your Bathroom “Wow”:bathroom-design-bathtubHow to Make Your Bathroom “Wow”:bathroom-design-ewaterHow to Make Your Bathroom “Wow”:bathroom-design-showersHow to Make Your Bathroom “Wow”:bathroom-design-westafel

In the bathroom, people can spend some quality time to take away the stress and burden better than when they are in the kitchen, family room or terrace. This is the reason why people should think beyond their imagination when it comes about bathroom remodeling. To inspire people, here are some hints on How to Make Your Bathroom “Wow” for everyone.

First, we will start from the choice of bathroom material first. It is that modern style of bathroom which is full of stainless steel’s item or metal is very perfect to make the bathroom clean, but there is nothing which can defeat the beauty of natural material such as wood, sea elements, stone, root and so on. When you place it in your backsplash or in the faucet, it can be a great accent for your room which is fulfilled with metal elements. Making sink, backsplash and bathroom’s wall from natural element such as bamboo, teak wood, or sea sell also can save much money and it is useful because those things are proven very waterproof, and they are cheaper than material element.

Second hint to make the bathroom look “wow” is paying attention on the detail. How much you care about the handle of the cabinet, the bathroom faucet or the door’s knob? Now, stop looking at your wall and change those details can give significant different. You can start choosing metallic color for your sink, hand sprayer style for your faucet or adding some blink-blink to your cabinet or door knob. Decorative bathroom details have become the trend for these days.
Last, but not least is playing the color to the bathroom. To make it more romantic and awesome, the golden color can be the great choice of it. The range of color can be so various such as brown, bronze, white nickel, chrome and copper.

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Eclectic House Design with Perfect Mountain View

Eclectic House Design with Perfect Mountain View:4-in-1-House-amazing-lighting

Eclectic House Design with Perfect Mountain View:4-in-1-House-amazing-lightingEclectic House Design with Perfect Mountain View:4-in-1-House-cozy-poolEclectic House Design with Perfect Mountain View:4-in-1-House-dot-lightingsEclectic House Design with Perfect Mountain View:4-in-1-House-futuristic-designEclectic House Design with Perfect Mountain View:4-in-1-House-landscapeEclectic House Design with Perfect Mountain View:4-in-1-House-main-bedroom

Building a house in a mountain slope always requires you to be very careful on choosing the design, material, and floor plan. It is very necessary to focus on the way to maximize the house and the scenery around it. Eclectic house design with perfect mountain-view consisting of 3 levels is what a good reference for you.

The eclectic house design which is also called as 4 in 1 house is a perfect house to build in such a mountain slope area. This kind of house will help the owner to explore the beautiful mountain scenery right from behind the house’s wall. The 4 in 1 house consists of 3 different levels with 4 different parts combined into a building. The first part is the first floor. In the first floor there is a nice swimming pool with Jacuzzi featuring minimalist landscaping. Side by side with the swimming pool, there is an open terrace. The terrace is very large that you can add any furniture there. Besides, the open terrace can be very useful for family gathering or party. Still in the same floor, there is a different building which is functioned as the main living space. The living space itself is developed with full glass wall which can support better lighting and mountain-view. Inside the living space, there is a vast living room with minimalist design. The floor is made of concrete meanwhile the ceiling is paneled with natural-colored hardwood. Stepping through the minimalist designed wooden staircase covered with glass divider, we can reach the top floor. The top floor is used as bedroom. There is a vast area which can be used as single bedroom including with bathroom. From the bedroom, the owner can enjoy the view of mountain, green vegetation, and delightful sky since the entire wall is developed by using clear glass. At night, the owner can still get their privacy by taking advantages of thick fabric curtain wrapping the glass wall from inside. From the outside, the top floor is designed very nicely. The semi zigzag design makes the top building unique.

Moving to the basement, eclectic house design with perfect mountain-view offers fancy space with concrete floor and skylights. This space can be very advantageous for parking lot or garage. Indoor plantation makes the basement looks extraordinary.

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House with the Extraordinary Perspective

House with the Extraordinary Perspective:andrew-road-beautiful-mini-garden

House with the Extraordinary Perspective:andrew-road-beautiful-mini-gardenHouse with the Extraordinary Perspective:andrew-road-black-themesHouse with the Extraordinary Perspective:andrew-road-elegant-interiorHouse with the Extraordinary Perspective:andrew-road-first-floor-planHouse with the Extraordinary Perspective:andrew-road-kitchenHouse with the Extraordinary Perspective:andrew-road-mini-halte

Sometimes the house needs to be adjusted with its surroundings; as the result, this house is created in the extraordinary perspective as the result of minimizing the noises that have to be faced directly by this house. When the ordinary house positions the main door in the same level as the house’s fence, this extraordinary house is different because the entrance is located under the land in order to keep the privacy. It is one of the forms of innovation from the old-style house, because at the same time people who are entering this house seem to be brought into the new world. Even though the entrance is lower than the land that surrounds it, but this house brilliantly keeps the roof to be not really prominent in the middle of the other houses.

In general, this house is divided into two buildings with one corridor as the connection between them. In the middle of these buildings, there’s a wide swimming pool that is connected with the main entrance of this house. The borders that are made from the glass improves the flexibility of this house, so people who are entering this house don’t feel confused to find the entrance to one of the buildings.

Inside the house, the bold and red chair attracts the attention. The furniture is simple and makes the spaces inside the house to be wider, and it really makes the different design from the outer part of this house, this accent is strengthened by the motives of the wall.

Different from the other rooms, the bathroom is simpler with only using several colors. The white bathtub and frameless shower door can balance the rigid lines from the wall. The position of the bathtub and the shower is great; it doesn’t make the bathroom to be smaller.

Even though this house is not really open, but, thanks to the windows that use the glass as their ultimate materials, the circulation of the air and the light from the outer side is in the right level. Moreover, the structure of this house is right for people who don’t want to hear many noises when they want to relax at their home. In conclusion, this it the house that still keeps the traditional way of using the landscape in the modern and extraordinary perspective.

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Meet with the House of Volumes

Meet with the House of Volumes:House-in-Restelo-cozy-lighting

Meet with the House of Volumes:House-in-Restelo-cozy-lightingMeet with the House of Volumes:House-in-Restelo-first-floor-planMeet with the House of Volumes:House-in-Restelo-green-grass-backyardMeet with the House of Volumes:House-in-Restelo-high-ceiling-with-four-chandelierMeet with the House of Volumes:House-in-Restelo-landscapingMeet with the House of Volumes:House-in-Restelo-luxury-large-house

This house really knows how to utilize the landscape, that’s why it’s suitable to be called as the house of volumes because this house can manage the original structure of the land and it is also very creative. Moreover, this house also successfully creates the balance between the natural element and the building; it will make people who live in the house always have the opportunity to collaborate with the nature. In the land area of 914.2 m2, this house has the highest point on the one side.

The outer layer of this house makes the atmosphere of fierce and rigid, especially the fence with the vertical lines. However, when people look at the inside of the house, this house is clearly comfortable, smart, and stylish. In the yard, you don’t need to build the wider or longer swimming pool because, with the proportional and simple size, this house has made the swimming pool to support the original concept of this house. The wide grassy park can be the highlight of this house. There are not so many houses that can have the ability to maintain the grassy park; it is because sometimes the grassy park can reduce the original concept of the house.

The corridor that connects the swimming pool with the inner side of the house is very impressive. With the rigid poles that are unified with the ceiling, the character of this house is getting stronger. When the sunlight comes, these rigid poles create their own gradation of shine. This is the appropriate corridor that can be the transformation space from the open swimming pool with the closed inner side of the house.
When people enter the house, the strict and fierce atmosphere has changed into simple and stylish atmosphere. The white ceiling and the white sofas in the living room balance the motives of the wall. The artworks that are spread in this living room make this house to be stylish and modern.

Because the one side of this house is higher than the others, the existence of the stairs really helps as the unifying of the difference. For this house, the stairs must be stylish, but they are still natural with the touch of the woods as the materials. The motives on the floor and the constant angles in all furniture in this house create the spacious and the clean sense.

This house is consisted from 3 floors; one of them is underground floor. Without the curtain, the activities in the second floor where the gym and 4 bedrooms with their own toilet can be seen; while the kitchen is located in the lower room and it’s very open to the outer side of the house. The lightings of this house create the sense of luxury and modern, even though it actually doesn’t really need to be added with the additional lightings because the natural light circulation is great because of the wide windows that are made by glass.

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Feel the True Opulence in Villa St. Tropez

Feel the True Opulence in Villa St. Tropez:Villa-St-Tropez-beautiful-dining-room

Feel the True Opulence in Villa St. Tropez:Villa-St-Tropez-beautiful-dining-roomFeel the True Opulence in Villa St. Tropez:Villa-St-Tropez-beautiful-living-room-with-white-couchFeel the True Opulence in Villa St. Tropez:Villa-St-Tropez-bedroom-and-backyardFeel the True Opulence in Villa St. Tropez:Villa-St-Tropez-bedroom-with-beach-panoramaFeel the True Opulence in Villa St. Tropez:Villa-St-Tropez-comfortable-bedroomFeel the True Opulence in Villa St. Tropez:Villa-St-Tropez-cozy-white-bathtube

Are you curious with the feeling of living in the true luxurious place? You can feel the true opulence in Villa St. Tropez; its spell will make you to ignore the reality out there. Spending the moments with your best friends, your family, or your romantic partner, the Villa St. Tropez will keep defending its opulence in order to bring you to the world of elegancy.

From the outer part of this villa, you already have the clear depiction of its luxury. Just by seeing its landscape, you will know that this villa is the right place for spending most of your times. The swimming pool that lies horizontally seems to describe the unlimited place for you to swim. Behind the swimming pool, there’s the open space for you who want to do the sunbathing. The ceiling of this space will not make you to feel the hotness in the high intensity, but at the same time you will have the chance to be unified with your surroundings, especially because the swimming pool also comes in the beautiful landscape behind it. Sometimes people don’t like the simple yet sharp design from a villa because the villa should be the place that gives different atmosphere from your house, but the design of Villa St. Tropez seems to be unified with the calmness of its surroundings. You will enter the different world once you’re arrived in this place.

This villa surely wants you to take a deep breath on its air. The concept of the open dining room that can be available for 18 people will make you to have that sensation. The huge glass window and door are compatible with the concept that has been offered on the swimming pool. It’s a consistent design.

The touch of the cleanliness can be found in the living room. The white sofas are suitable for the white ceiling. Besides the cleanliness and freshness, the design also describes the spacious space in this room. The design of the fireplace doesn’t disturb the concept of the luxury. The horizontal line once again accentuates the width of the living room. Moreover, because of the open concept, this villa has the great shine and air circulation. All people who live in this villa will have the equal proportion of them.

The only room that is almost closed is the kitchen. The minimalist design of the kitchen furniture still cannot leave the luxurious that is still continuing in every room in this villa. The highlight of the kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. It is white, clean, and wide. Because the monotonous colors seem to be the distraction if it’s still continuing, then the inner dining room there will be an ornament on the wall that gives the modern atmosphere in the same room. The long table is surely will make you comfortable when you’re having lunch or dinner with your friends. There will be private chef, waiters, and bartenders that will serve their best for you, if you request them.

Villa St. Tropez will make your sleep to be more comfortable with its 16 bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms is always accompanied by the beautiful landscape that you can view every time you wake up from your rest. Not only the same colors, but in every bedrooms you will get the interesting chair and also sofa that will attract your attention when you’re first arriving in the bedrooms.

The bathroom, still maintains the same concept with the previous rooms, has a slight touch of motives from its wall and floor. The frameless border for the shower gives the sense of spacious in the bathroom. It is also supported by the wide mirror near the bathtub.

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Luxury Private Escape Chalet

Luxury Private Escape Chalet :living-room-with-bar-desk-of-luxury-private-escape-chalet-house-design

Luxury Private Escape Chalet :living-room-with-bar-desk-of-luxury-private-escape-chalet-house-designLuxury Private Escape Chalet :living-room-with-leather-carpet-of-luxury-private-escape-chalet-house-designLuxury Private Escape Chalet :stone-art-of-luxury-private-escape-chalet-house-designLuxury Private Escape Chalet :toilet-and-bathroom-of-luxury-private-escape-chalet-house-designLuxury Private Escape Chalet :balcony-of-luxury-private-escape-chalet-house-designLuxury Private Escape Chalet :bathroom-of-luxury-private-escape-chalet-house-design

Secluded in the high mountains this luxury private escape chalet would be your best tempting holiday ambiance. The resort is designed to mingle conventional chalet traditional and luxurious accommodation within the backdrop of amazing landscape of supreme location. It is extremely most dream gateway for you to just relax and enjoy the nature beauty from your room. Staying true to this piece of heaven in the majestic location for everyone seeking more private and privilege resort with top class facilities.

A broad range of skiing is available in this resort make it so appealing without even leave the awesome fusion of modern lifestyle and nature in very convenience manner. Complement to the cold surroundings, thermal spa brings extraordinary experience of wellness in outdoor Jacuzzi while pampering by stunning white winter backdrop.

The resort is proudly present endless Roman, Russian and Swiss customs bath house fusion to glorious spa resort. Interior is dominated with perfectly matched natural materials of solid raw stone walls to meet traditional wooden beams and floors in the living area. Luxurious ambiance splashed from sparkling chandelier over the dining table next to conventional stones fire place. Soft tone comes from white rug to get together with cozy couch in the living room immediate so white ridge. Infinite amenities of modern living are utterly pamper you in every space of the resort. The more convenience and warm living room is set and flow to cozy bar corner in very shy natural color palette. Stone walls character shall be missed in the resort yet accentuated the very strong personality of exclusive chalet with many Romanian decorative elements. The breathtaking master bedroom in the upper level is the most impressive part of the resort. Completed with elegant bath tub, this spot brings the beautiful side of up mountain wood land while having bathing indulgence.

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Remodeling 3-Storey Victorian Warehouse

Remodeling 3-Storey Victorian Warehouse:first-floor-of-remodeling-3-storey-victorian-warehouse-design

Remodeling 3-Storey Victorian Warehouse:first-floor-of-remodeling-3-storey-victorian-warehouse-designRemodeling 3-Storey Victorian Warehouse:left-black-grip-color-of-remodeling-3-storey-victorian-warehouse-designRemodeling 3-Storey Victorian Warehouse:office-table-desk-for-meeting-of-remodeling-3-storey-victorian-warehouse-designRemodeling 3-Storey Victorian Warehouse:office-view-of-remodeling-3-storey-victorian-warehouse-designRemodeling 3-Storey Victorian Warehouse:rainbow-chairs-color-art-on-the-wall-of-remodeling-3-storey-victorian-warehouse-designRemodeling 3-Storey Victorian Warehouse:second-floor-of-remodeling-3-storey-victorian-warehouse-design

Remodeling 3-storey Victorian warehouse was successfully done and opened to the public. It is an integrated breathtaking gallery showroom and offices employ 3-storey warehouse that still stay put the majestic of Victorian architecture but with stylish touch of contemporary design. The new looks of the Victorian warehouse is more impressive and enlightened by spacious gallery aimed to attract more people to come. Then the time turns the building currently into a latest landmark in the city. It welcomes everyone by a sleek entrance door under the new looks of arched structure and an eye catching side wall with colorful chairs painting.

The layout is extraordinary long and narrow building with many sides still expose genuine character of Victorian warehouse. More light and urban design is display to meet and reveal the building’s industrial heritage, including old sandblasted brickwork, steel beams and arched windows. This is the key features that brought very stylish interior when combine by entirely white color palettes applied from the new ceiling, walls and floors. An amalgamated and perfect backdrop is made for the chic furniture displays.

At the same time striped natural grey color tones of resin and materials create dramatic appearance to all three floors. Large voids were pertained to add more airy and natural light permeated as a great linear floating staircase open more continuity to link the three floors. A space is designated as the meeting point in the upper level with appealing display of long table following the narrow layout. Maroon chairs splash the backdrop more lively giving strong accent to glass windows and sandblasted brickwork walls. Overall the remodeling project is effectively showed the striking international gallery showroom for high-end furniture which accentuated the beautiful side of Victorian warehouse in a new alluring looks. Space size is not matter but the strong personality.

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